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-Accommodates Large Number of Players

-Online Gaming (Fortnite, Overwatch & more)

-Climate-Controlled Environment

-50 Inch, 4K Televisions

-Handheld Nintendo Switch Devices

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Weekend Rates (Fri*/Sat/Sun):

2 Hour Party = $340-$380

2.5 Hour Party = $400-$440

3 Hour Party = $460-$500

Weekday Rates (Mon-Fri*):

2 Hour Party = $300-$340

2.5 Hour Party = $360-$400

3 Hour Party = $420-$460

Pricing based on date/location of reservation

Discounts for San Fernando Valley Customers!

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Renting RV Arcade is easy, getting info is even easier; feel free to contact us anytime. For quickest response, please text our phone line the date and location you are interested in booking, or fill out a contact form below

Phone: (323) 999-1386

Email: info@rvarcade.com


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Online Gaming

Due to upgrades in our equipment and recent updates in popular games, RV Arcade is happy to accommodate more online gamers than ever. With the ability to have up to 12 players online at once, we will be able to configure the internet connection that works best for your event

Virtual Reality Experience

The future of gaming is in Virtual Reality and we are pleased to offer a Virtual Reality Experience like no other (sold separately) For ages 12 and older, our packages can be used in addition to our normal services or can be acquired separately. For pricing and information, please inquire through our normal phone/email

Due to the seriousness of Covid-19 in Los Angeles County, RV Arcade has taken drastic steps to change our cleaning/sanitization procedures, ventilation systems and safety protocol. We are committed to providing the safest, most entertaining experience possible. Questions or concern, please contact us anytime by text, phone or email

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